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Austin, Texas

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About Virtus

Virtus Real Estate Capital, based in Austin, Texas, is a real estate private equity sponsor focused on recession-resilient asset classes. The Virtus investment thesis drives a focus on four core property types: Senior Living, Medical Office Buildings, Self-Storage, and Student Housing.


Since Virtus was established in 2003, it has launched 41 investment funds and partnerships comprising 238 assets with a combined acquisition value of $4.1 billion. Virtus has established a strong track record by making real estate investments that are well positioned for success in all phases of real estate cycles.


Virtus exclusively focuses on property types that have historically been more resilient to economic and capital market cycles than conventional real estate classes. These classes of real estate all benefit from significant demographic trends and inuring social needs that persist irrespective of economic conditions or capital markets,

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Learn more about Virtus Real Estate Capital at their website
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Learn more about Virtus Real Estate Capital at their website
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