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The First Tee &
DreamJobbing Education

DreamJobbing Education is focused on providing high quality career exploration courses and video content to students aged 13+. This includes our online video series, DreamJobbing With... where a diverse database of professionals explain their careers and how they achieved that role. 


This scalable and effective solution provides students with the confidence to explore different career paths, set career goals and become successful citizens.


How It Works


Students enroll in the online course Career Exploration & Development 101.

The course is self-lead and can be used in a classroom setting or given to students to complete individually. 


Students complete the video based lessons and quizzes.

Students also gain access to all DreamJobbing With... video interviews.


Students are inspired to explore new and different careers.

With the course, interview series and resources provided, students are ready to conquer their career goals!

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What's included in the program?
Career Exploration

Our video based course, Career Exploration and Development 101, was built for students 13 and older to help them understand and learn about different careers so they can be inspired and excel in life. 


Developed over years of feedback from partners to help achieve their goals and fill a big need with their students. This is a video-based course lead by DreamJobbing Co-Founder, Alex Boylan. Each lesson is completely self-paced and includes:

1. Video Lesson

2. Workbook with info and resources

3. Advice from industry experts

4. Quiz

DreamJobbing With...

DreamJobbing With... is an interview series where we ask professionals 5 questions about their careers and their current jobs. Students can gain knowledge about a wide variety of jobs and learn what an average day is like, what is takes to succeed and advice to get into that career.


By answering 5 simple questions, professionals help students learn about their career paths and what it takes to be a successful in the workforce and in life. 

DreamJobbing With... The First Tee
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Integration with The First Tee

DreamJobbing’s course was built to be flexible and to integrate into any type of organization working with students.


The online course is easy to follow so there is not a need for a full-time instructor and can be integrated in many ways including: 

  • 1-on-1 with a mentor and mentee

  • Classroom setting with a group

  • Self-study solution