Stephanie O'Neill - Entrepreneur & Owner of Estilo

Austin, Texas


Prior to opening Estilo, Stephanie received a Masters in Psychology from the University of Texas and had a private practice for child and family therapy.  The core values of Estilo are deeply rooted in providing retail therapy and making customers feel confident and stylish through their attire.

Estilo is a contemporary women's and men's clothing boutique in the heart of Tarrytown in Casis Village in Austin Texas that focuses on delivering a curated collection of national and international brands through a trusting personalized shopping experience.  Estilo literally translates to style in Spanish, and that is the focus of both the clothing and the space.

Since 2005, Estilo has received numerous accolades and awards including Austin Fashion Week Critics Choice for Best Overall Fashion Boutique and Best Retailer and Austin Chronicle's Best Of Austin numerous times.  Stephanie and her husband Todd O'Neill were awarded the most stylish couple of the year from the Austin American Statesman.


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Stephanie's tip to be a successful entrepreneur:

"I really think an entrepreneur has to think 'what problem am I solving and am I passionate enough to get there?' Because nothing is going to go as planned... so you really need to be able to get creative in the times of crisis..."

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