Our Mission:

Help young people find the path to their dream career by creating the most comprehensive career exploration video library.


The pilot program’s goal is to help all of our partners' students aged 13+ with career development. 

Our solution includes:

  • Career Exploration and Development 101 online video-based course.

  • DreamJobbing With... video interview series where we interview professionals about their career paths

Image by Naassom Azevedo

This video based course was built to inspire students to explore different career paths. The result is a scalable and effective solution including chapters such as: Character Development, Career Exploration, Communicating Effectively, Interview Preparation, Entrepreneurship 


Students also gain access to DreamJobbing’s database of 100s of interviews with professionals giving real world career advice. We are looking for sponsors interested in helping the youth of Austin. We need YOUR help to build our video interview database and help more students!


Sponsors will be highlighted in the course with company profiles that include:


  • Your company overview and social media links

  • Interviews with 10 of your employees giving career advice and talking about the benefits of working at your company - filmed and edited by DreamJobbing Education using Zoom video conferencing 

  • Optional:  Your recruiting videos and job board can be embedded into company profile

  • Sponsors will be seen by thousands of students locally and millions nationwide as program expands

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Give Back to the Community

  • Scalable solution to give back to students and inspire them to achieve their career goals

Grow Brand Awareness 

  • Company brand will be seen by many students, increasing brand loyalty

Cultivate New Employees and Interns

  • Find and recruit interested and motivated students who participate in the program

Image by Juan Ramos