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Entrepreneurs are a wealth of information and have amazing advice for anyone interested in starting their own business. By profiling these incredible professionals, we've allowed them to dig even deeper into what makes entrepreneurship a great career path and what it will take to be successful. 

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Camille Styles

Camille’s passion is inspiring others to live a happy and healthy life - so she founded her lifestlye blog to do just that.

Kevin Burns

Kevin Burns created the Urbanspace brand out of his passion for the Downtown and Urban Core of Austin, Texas.

Kendra Scott

Kendra is a driven entrepreneur, and a passionate designer who believes the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way.


Hank Gerdes

Hank Gerdes is a State Farm Agent with 13 years of State Farm Agency experience.

Colin Guinn

Colin Guinn is a serial entrepreneur and high tech product development expert and the founder of Guinn Partners, an autonomous robotics and emerging technology consultancy.

Peter Keller

Peter Keller is founder and C.E.O. of FringeSport, a strength and conditioning equipment company.

JR Kraft

JR Kraft is a serial entrepreneur in Austin, Texas, and is well known for his role as one of the co-founders of

Tim Mooney

Tim Mooney founded Lead Commercial in 2011 to help local companies find commercial space for their businesses and help local investors own property in Austin.

Stephanie O'Neill

Stephanie is the owner and founder of Estilo, a contemporary women's and men's clothing boutique

Joe Ross

Joe is responsible for all aspects of global operations, sales, marketing and client services at CSID.

Jeff Socha

Jeff Socha is a Senior Advisor and Founding Partner at Ark Financial. Jeff’s specialization in business and personal financial planning is in his family’s roots

Roy Spence

Roy Spence is Co-Founder and Chairman of GSD&M, a leading marketing communications and advertising company.

John Resig

John Resig Co-Founded theCHIVE in 2008 with his brother, Leo. Today, Chive Media Group consists of a family of websites, apps and OTT channels.

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Burton Roberts

Burton Roberts is an experienced entrepreneur, startup executive, and is currently CEO and co-founder of DreamJobbing.

Nahal Delpassand

Dr. Delpassand has been working in the field of Counseling Psychology for eight years. She has been in private practice for two years.


Kerry Michaels

Incubating under theCHIVE, Kerry and her partner, Brandon Barrett, started William Murray golf in Austin, TX.

Scotty Glahn

Scotty is founder, President/CEO of Cloudscapes Consulting, Inc and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.


Lisa Hennessy

Lisa Hennessy is an Emmy nominated TV Producer, entrepreneur and co-founder and managing partner of DreamJobbing. 

Alex Boylan

After winning CBS's Amazing Race at 23 years old, Alex has gone on to have an amazing career both in front and behind the camera - including co-founding DreamJobbing


Joel Otten

Joel has had over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, incorporating new technology and media with database marketing.

Krista Ward

Krista is an entrepreneur and founder of Yohob,"You Only Have One Body", which invests in health and wellness products.

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evan erdberg.jpeg

Evan Erdberg

Evan is the President and founder of Proximity Learning Inc., an industry leading K-12 virtual teacher staffing company that acts as the HR backup plan for over 100 school districts

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