Kevin Burns - Entrepreneur & Founder of Urbanspace

Austin, Texas

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Kevin Burns created the Urbanspace brand out of his passion for the Downtown and Urban Core of Austin, Texas. Through his entrepreneurial spirit, Kevin developed a ground breaking real estate firm that has resulted in a billion dollars in transactions.

In addition to leading the Urbanspace Residential and Commercial Real Estate teams, he also serves as the Owner and Operator of Urbanspace Interiors. Always enjoying modern furniture and appreciating design, Kevin founded Urbanspace Interiors to complement the real estate side of the business.

Kevin also acts as the Events Chair for the Entrepreneurs' Organization in Austin, TX. 


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Kevin's tip to be a successful entrepreneur:

"What I really did in forming the company was find out what are the things that really are important to me... it was 'community', it was 'winning' and it was 'how do we leave this place better than we found it?' " 

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