Kerry Michaels - CEO of William Murray Golf

Austin, Texas

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Incubating under theCHIVE, Kerry and her partner, Brandon Barrett, put their job security on the line when they confronted their managers at theCHIVE telling them they would leave the company if their idea for a golf line panned out. Soon after, Murray’s lawyer came in for a meeting and with three little words that changed everything: “Bill says, yes.”

Since that moment in 2015, William Murray Golf Attire has not slowed down. The first polo, which was launched on Bill’s birthday, September 21, was inspired by the Chicago Cubs and called “This is the Year.” Luckily, the Cubs went on to win the World Series just a few weeks after the launch. This provided a perfect opportunity for people to start seeing the new polos as Murray wore them to all the events. 

Apparel concepts come mainly from the designers, but the family does request some patterns and provides ideas by sharing stories with the team. Once designs are made, the Murray family gives feedback on what to keep, what to change, and what to eliminate.


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Kerry's tip to be a successful entrepreneur:

"The biggest thing for me is to say 'yes!'. A lot of times in my career I didn't feel confident about what this next role was... but I dug in, I asked questions and you can learn along the way." 

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