DreamJobbing With... Entrepreneurs

Welcome Junior Achievement! For over 5 years, DreamJobbing has inspired young people to follow their passions and pursue their dream careers – and now we introduce to you the world of entrepreneurship!

We are building a video library of professionals discussing their career paths and giving advice to students. This series is called DreamJobbing With… and is full of insight you won't find anywhere else.

Below you will find the interview questions and a sample of the incredible entrepreneurs we've filmed.


Junior Achievement

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Inspiring Students to Pursue Entrepreneurship
The Interview Questions:

​1. What did you study in school and what was your career path to where you are today?

2. What is your current job and what is an average day like?

3. What are some tips for having success as an entrepreneur?

4. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of being an entrepreneur?

5. What advice would you give students interested in becoming entrepreneurs?

Sample Interviews
Interested in being part of
the series?

Filming your video cover will take no more than 30 minutes of your time! Your responses to the 5 questions will be professionally edited and shared with thousands of students. Your advice is invaluable and we appreciate you participating in the DreamJobbing With... series.