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DreamJobbing Education and the Girl Scouts have partnered together to showcase the careers of female entrepreneurs and professional women in Austin, Texas and beyond. 

The DreamJobbing With... series highlights the incredible careers of these women as well as their tips for success, career advice and what they love most about their jobs. 

By exploring the different career paths of women, we hope to inspire and empower others to conquer their goals and discover their dream jobs.

Women interested in joining the DreamJobbing With... series are invited to contact us to set up an interview. All levels and job types are accepted! Click here to sign-up


Women Entrepreneur Profiles

Kendra Scott

Founder, CEO & Designer

Kendra Scott LLC

Kendra is a driven entrepreneur and a passionate designer who believes the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way.

Camille Styles

Camille’s passion is inspiring others to live a happy and healthy life - so she founded her lifestlye blog to do just that.

Founder & Creative Director

Stephanie O'Neill

Stephanie is the owner and founder of Estilo, a contemporary women's and men's clothing boutique

Kerry Michaels

Co-Founder & CEO

William Murray Golf

Kerry is the CEO of William Murray Golf, a golfing apparel line headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Mary Alice Haney

Mary Alice is the founder and creative director for the fashion line HANEY, based in Los Angeles, California.

DreamJobbing With... Inspiring Women
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