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For over 5 years, DreamJobbing has inspired young people to follow their passions and pursue their dream careers. Through our video based Career Exploration solution, we hope to provide students 13 and older with the guidance and resources so they can be inspired to discover the career path that is right for them. 

This program includes:

  • Interviews with hundreds of professionals in over 50 industries

    • Enrolled students gain access to the DreamJobbing With... video interview database​

  • Entrepreneur profiles with in-depth looks at successful business people - we have already interviewed a number of EO Members about their careers - to learn more about this click here

  • Company profiles highlighting amazing businesses and their employees - these profiles include an overview of the business, interviews with 10 employees, embedded job board and more. Companies interested profiles can click here to learn more.


Finally, in response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we've teamed up with EO to offer our valuable career exploration platform to EO members free of charge. This career exploration program is great for students who are home from school and interested in learning about the careers available. From entrepreneurs and authors to police officers and designers - our video interviews cover over 50 industries with hundreds of video interviews. All online and free!

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Filming your interview will take no more than 30 minutes of your time! Your responses to the 5 questions will be professionally edited and shared with thousands of students. Your advice is invaluable and we appreciate you participating in the DreamJobbing With... series.

*due to social distancing, interviews are now being done remotely via ZOOM

Check out these sample entrepreneur profiles:

Camille Styles

Entrepreneur & Founder of CamilleStyles.com


jr kraft.jpeg

JR Kraft

Entrepreneur & Founder of BASE


Interested in your 
company being profiled?

Company profiles are a great way to introduce brands to students and allow them to learn about different industries. Company profiles include up to 10 employee interviews, recruitment content, embedded job board and more! Additionally, all video content can be used by the sponsor on their own social media and websites. 

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Check out these company profiles:


Commercial Real Estate


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 10.10.05 AM.pn

Covert Auto Group

Car Dealerships


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Use the coupon code "EOAustin2020" to sign-up for free!