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DreamJobbing With... is an interview series where professionals talk about their careers so that you can understand what different jobs entail and be inspired to pursue the career you're most passionate about.  We have about 100 industries represented and are adding interviews daily, so make sure to use the drop down menu to search for videos in a wide range of industries.


By answering 6 simple questions, professionals are able to discuss their career paths and what it took to accomplish their goals and give you advice to consider about your future career.

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DreamJobbing With... Video Interview Database

The Questions

1. What did you study in school and what was your career path?

2. What is your job and what is an average day like?

3. What is a typical path for someone in this field?

4. What career advice do you have for a student?

5. What are some tips for having success in your field?

6. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your job?

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