Mission -

Help young people find the path to their dream career while reinforcing the importance of good character, healthy life choices and responsibility.


DreamJobbing Education is focused on providing high quality career exploration video content to students aged 13+.


​This scalable and effective solution provides students with the confidence to explore different career paths, set career goals and become successful citizens.

Interview Database

DreamJobbing With... is a video series where we interview professionals about their careers so that students can understand what different jobs entail and be inspired to pursue their future careers.


By answering 6 simple questions, professionals help students learn about their career paths and what it takes to be a successful in the workforce and in life. 

Interviews can be segmented into 6 clips of each interview question. Examples can be seen here


Entrepreneur Profiles

Entrepreneurs are a wealth of information and have amazing advice for anyone interested in starting their own business.


By profiling these incredible professionals, the world of entrepreneurship is opened to students. Their stories of resilience inspire everyone to dream big!

peter keller