Online Course

Career Exploration & Development 101

The Course

Our video based course, Career Exploration and Development 101, was built for students 13 and older to help them understand and learn about different careers so they can be inspired and excel in life. 

Developed over years of feedback from partners to help achieve their goals and fill a big need with their students. This is a video-based course lead by DreamJobbing Co-Founder, Alex Boylan. Each lesson is completely self-paced and includes:

1. Video Lesson

2. Workbook with info and resources

3. Advice from industry experts

4. Quiz

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Lessons Include:
  • Character Development 

  • Bullying Prevention 

  • Career Exploration

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Interview Preparation

  • DreamJobbing With...

  • Entrepreneurship

Integrating with our youth organization partners:

DreamJobbing’s course was built to be flexible and to integrate into any type of organization working with students.


The online course is easy to follow so there is not a need for a full-time instructor and can be integrated in many ways including: 

  • 1-on-1 with a mentor and mentee

  • Classroom setting with a group

  • Self-study solution 

DreamJobbing With...

As part of the Career Exploration and  Development 101 online course, students gain access to ALL DreamJobbing With... videos. This is an interview series where we ask professionals 5 questions about their careers and their current jobs.


Students can gain knowledge about a wide variety of jobs and learn what an average day is like, what is takes to succeed and advice to get into that career.

Course Access & Enrollment

If you are an individual, organization or school, follow the link below to learn more about our online course. For more information about pricing and details about the course, please contact us

If you are affiliated with one of our partner organizations (student, employee or volunteer), and do not have an access code, please contact us. If you have an access code, please click the button below to complete your enrollment.